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Printed in the Friday 22 March 2002 Sentinel News, Shelbyville, KYTwo Captains of Mount Eden in the Civil WarByWilliam METCALF

Mount Eden was represented during the Civil War by men of that area. Many of these men were of both members of the 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment and the 15th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

One man in Company B, 15th Kentucky Volunteer Regiment was Captain William Henry HARRISON. He was born 15 September 1837, died 19 January 1909 and is buried in Stodghill Cemetery near Mount Eden, Kentucky. He was the son of James and Sarah COOPER HARRISON.

HARRISON served in Company B from 1861 until his discharge on 18 February 1863.

He contracted typhoid fever in Huntsville, Alabama in May 1862. He was treated and nursed for several weeks before he could return to his unit. He never fully recovered and had to resign his commission because of his disabilities. It affected his health for the rest of his life. After the war, HARRISON returned to the Mount Eden area, where he was a farmer.

A group of men from the Company B were known as the "Mount Eden sharpshooters". The 15th Kentucky Infantry Regiment earned the name the "Bloody Regiment" for its part in the Battle of Perryville in October 1862.

Private Archie Lewis HEDDEN in Company B served under HARRISON. He served from 01 October 1861 to 14 January 1865. He was born 22 May 1840, the son of Squire B. and Sarah PULLIAM HEDDEN. After the war, he returned to the Mount Eden area where he farmed and raised a large family. He Isabel Frances CORBIN 11 March 1869. He died 15 September 1925 at the age of 85 and is buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery in Shelby ville, KY

Of the 888 men of the 15th Kentucky Calvary, more than 400 were killed or wounded, anotehr 113 died of illnesses or non battlefield related causes.

Another Captain from Mount Eden was HARRISON'S brother in law, Elisha HEDDEN, of Company D, 6th Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted October 1861.

HEDDEN was born near Mount Eden 25 March 1834, the son of Elisha and Mary CARRESS HEDDEN. He married Miranda (Mandy) HARRISON, HARRISON'S sister on 05 October 1854. The reared six children.

HEDDEN suffered serious wounds to the head at the Battle of Shiloh. He and four others were wounded when they tried to capture a big gun from the enemy. Several of the men of the company were killed over this gun. HEDDEN was sent to a hospital in Mound City, Illinois. He recovered and nine months later was wounded at Stone's River in Tennessee.

HEDDEN resigned his commission in the fall of 1863. He returned to Mount Eden where he pursued farming. In October 1886, HEDDEN sold his farm and moved to Hutchinson, Kansas where he spent the rest of his life. He died there 28 November 1906 and is buried in the Lone Star Cemetery near the town of Pretty Prairie (Reno County), Kansas. HEDDEN had a first cousin, Jacob Richard HEDDEN, who married a sister of Jefferson DAVIS..

Another man from Mount Eden of the 6th Kentucky Infantry was Henry Clay TERRELL. He served under HEDDEN and he, too, was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh on 07 April 1862. He served form 10 January 1862 until 28 June 1862. He kept a diary of his time served until several weeks after his hospitalization. He was wounded in the back and hip. He died 24 February 1868 and is buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery at Mount Eden. He was born 24 August 1821 and was the son of Zachariah and Polly FLOYD TERRELL


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